"Hijacked!" - The Counter Attack.

12:45 AM
*Crickets chirping*
*Emily is snoring*
A figure stealthily creeps across the room. Pauses as Emily roles over and says something about a pop tart and how her brother is being mean. The shadow creeps forward and stops in front of the laptop. Slowly opening it, he checks to make sure Emily is still asleep. 
She is. Nothing can wake her up. Not even an explosion.
He chuckles to himself. Putting his fingers to the keyboard, he begins to type.

Ah, readers. I have come to settle score with my rival, Dzherri Kalasky. It seems he thinks that he is the only one capable of such high-profile activities. Well, he is wrong. And, unlike my Russian nemesis, I do not need bells and whistles to worm my way into the technology system.

As far as Miss Emily goes, I do not care much for her as it is and prefer to keep my distance. The young lady is a far cry from a genius, and I hesitate to involve myself in anything she may be assisting in. Who knows what trouble she's stirred up. Also, I don't need to knock her out and drag her off to commit a crime- I can do it right under her nose without any violence. She is asleep at the moment, unaware that I can easily withdraw my gun and kill her in an instant. That is not my wish at the moment, though, and therefore I will restrain my thoughts.

Colonel Kurt Warren. Copyright © 2015
by Rachel Moran.
Allow me to introduce myself- I am Kurt Warren, a Colonel in the Third Reich's Abwehr. A master of espionage and infiltration, I prefer to find a way to "hijack" something without the knowledge of the owner. And in this case, I doubt Miss Emily will notice the infiltration unless you readers bring it to her attention. The point of doing this in the first place was to win a wager with Dzherri. I do believe I win.

I'm a loyal German and a good soldier. I fought in the Great War and was promoted to Colonel, then in 1933 I was transferred to the Abwehr due to my extensive knowledge on all things American. That's right- I am a spy, and one you won't very easily find.

That? Oh, that's... Reichmann. Pay no attention to him, unless you're here on a suicide mission. The Major is not a man to mess with- he's more like a mad dog with a restraining collar. There isn't much I can do to keep him in place when he has motive to kill. A brainless man he is, but a useful tool in the hands of the right man, such as myself. That is also why I keep around the devious and irritating Leftenant Sean. The man is out to get himself killed, I swear. He cannot keep his mouth shut. But a great aid he can be if used in the right way- and I find him quite useful on my survey while in America.

Why do I tell you all this? Word count, mostly. I was to out-write Dzherri in this hijack and I do believe I've done a fair job at it. He can't type or use any sort of technology for his life's worth, a humorous thing when it is compared to the fact I am from the thirties and he from the eighties. He is an annoying, stuck-up Russian snob, if I do say so myself. I can't stand the man. And for your information- his name means Jerry in English. Doesn't sound so intimidating now, does he?

Colonel Jeager Reichmann. Copyright © 2015
by Rachel Moran.
Well, I do believe this is my cue to bid you farewell. I have done my mission and I've won the bet. You may point out Dzherri's post is longer than mine- well, yes, it is, but that's because Nicolai added in his own thoughts. I wish I could convince that young man to leave the Soviets and join my team, he would make an excellent spy.
Oh, Take care not to alert dear Miss Emily about this whole affair- lest I have to send the Major after you. I don't believe you'd enjoy- or survive- that experience, so don't try my patience. I'm a fair man, I don't believe in killing unless it is necessary. So please don't push me, for I don't want to have to step up my game and deal with you.

Good day to you, readers. This is how a hijack is supposed to be done- quietly and without detection.

-Kurt Warren


    Sorry, Warren, I couldn't resist :P I really don't think I can let a crime go unnoticed. It's breaking the law.
    I actually like Dzherri's post better. . .probably because Nicholai was in it. I REALLY like his character! I agree with you, Warren, he would be an EXCELLENT spy!!
    Don't get me wrong; I LOVED this post!! Please get some more characters to do "Hijacked!" posts!!! (Even though they may have to be reported. . . ;)

    1. Wait, what? Who took over what? No... no. No no no no no no no NO! Gosh, Warren! Seriously! You too? I should have known...
      Once Dzherri does something Warren has to show him up. Arghhhhhhhh! Thanks for letting me know, Jesseca. You're right, I think Dzherri was more creative with his post, but Warren doesn't actually care about hacking things as far as I know, he's probably just trying to prove Dzherri wrong about something.
      I have to talk to my IWST: Imaginary Wold Security Team. Jake isn't doing a very good job handling things at the moment...

  2. Is there a problem here with a runaway imagination?!
    These posts are fun!

    1. Uhm, yeah... it seems my villains are revolting. It happens fairly regularly. Grrr...

  3. Nice job, Colonel Warren. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to alert 'dear Miss Emily'.


    By the way, Emily, this is what you've been wanting http://fireflysstoryspace.blogspot.com/2015/06/being-little-sister-part-1.html

    1. So it seems! Jesseca just told me. *Sighs* Warren and Dzherri have this ongoing rivalry between them that goes back a really long time, back to the time both characters were created. Warren's trying to one-up Dzherri it seems. I need to talk to my security team, they're not doing a good job keeping the characters in Imaginary World.

      I READ IT! I LOVED it! Thanks for posting it! I'm so excited. :) I really enjoyed it. Now for bad guys... B-)

      Except not my bad guys... they're just being annoying.

  5. Tsk tsk! You naughty bad guys are at it again? Shame upon you. All of you!
    Glad you didn't have to get knocked out this time Emily... ;)
    Oh, and those drawings are great!
    I especially like the one of Colonel Jeager Reichmann. It's really nice! Looks like you've got some talented friends. :)

    1. Aren't they just the worst? Yes, I appreciate that Warren didn't knock me out. He doesn't usually get too violent, but man, when he does... it's not pretty. At least with Warren I know he won't be back to hijack anything for a while, due to the fact he doesn't care about this stuff and isn't here to cause a problem. He's just trying to win something with Dzherri probably.

      Yes, aren't my siblings/friends talented? I can't draw worth a cent, so I'm glad I have friends who can. My drawings are kinda "blah", especially my people. So I'm glad to have friends who can/will draw my characters for me. :D Makes things all the more fun.

    2. Yeah! They are amazing artists! :D
      Hmm, sounds like I draw about like you do in the people department... ;)
      Yeah, it's fun when others can see what your characters look like!
      I've tried to draw my characters, but they just don't seen to turn out right. 'Cause I can see them in my head, but they won't come out right on paper... :P
      Hope your bad guys behave soon! But then...they wouldn't really be bad guys anymore, would they? ;)

    3. I always pick pictures of what I want the characters to look like and give them to my friends/sisters to draw. That way the drawing is my character, but I helped the artist out by giving her something to look at. It works out good.
      Yeah, I can draw horses okay, but people... *Blank stare* let's leave it at that. ;)
      You're right. I guess if they obeyed I wouldn't have any fun writing about them, would I? Oh well. JUST STAY OFF THE BLOG, WARREN! ;)

    4. That's a good idea! Maybe if I tried to find a picture of my characters, I'll be able to draw them...
      "MAYBE". Key word. ;)
      I can draw horse faces okay, but the bodies don't turn out right...'specially the legs. :P
      Yeah! You listen to Emily, Mister Warren! ;)

    5. Hey, it helps my sisters and it does help me describe characters! Maybe it will work for you, too! :D
      We'll see if Warren listens, he never really does... ;)

  6. An active imagination never rests... :P

    1. In other words, I LOVE THIS POST!

    2. I'll be sure to tell IWST (Imaginary World Security Team) to tell Warren that when they put him back where be longs. ;)

  7. Well, aren't you a talented writer? Nearly as good as Miss Emily.... Lol
    Nice job, Emily! Thanks for writing! I really enjoyed it and would have reported but well...it's already been reported! Thank you!

    1. I didn't write this... Warren did. *Annoyed sigh* Though I wish I could take the credit, I have to give credit where credit is due. Even though he shouldn't have STOLEN my laptop in the first place. Oh well.

  8. Also Emily, this sketches remind me of 2 characters, that I'm sure you're familiar with.

    1. Whhhaaattt? I don't know what you're talking about... B-)
      You're dead on, if you're wondering. I had to base their looks off of something. ;) So those were the pictures I gave to my friend. Hahaha, I was wondering if you'd notice. ;) Great job!

    2. Haha, yeah. I thought so!:)

  9. Aha, Emily, you went with the German :-)
    Very interesting post Colonel Warren. Congratulations on your successful hijack haha :D

    1. Haha, yes, Warren liked your suggestion. ;)


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