Another Catch-up Post

I have spent the last two weeks getting the Mornellys up and running on the blog, and I am pleased to see you guys are enjoying them! But writing isn't all I have been up to the last couple weeks. Oh no, I've been doing much, much more.

So here's another fun catch-up post on the life of Emily and Bodie! :D WARNING- there are a ton of pictures. I literally have been snapping photos of everything lately for this blog post. :)

Celebrated Bodie's eighteenth birthday! He's an adult, now!

Bodie likes his balloons.

Went riding in this really cool arena!

Trail riding with my friends. We had a blast!

Yogi, one of the dogs at my work.

Ginger, the other dog at work.

Made some PASTA!!! (Haha, that's a reference for two specific people who will read this post. ;D)

Saw some ducklings!

Here's a thousand pound pig at that ranch I sometimes work at.

Two draft horses- one is a Percheron/Morgan and the other is a Belgian Draft.

Some yaks at the ranch. I got paid in yak meat that day. It's really good!

A large bone I found. I have no idea what it is, but it looks like a humerus to me. I don't know. I really wanted to lift it up and say, "I found this humerus." ;) Nerd joke!

Watchin' a storm on the prairie near my house.

And another storm blowin' in at work.

Canola flowers! So pretty! This is down the road from my house.

Met some cockatoos, parrots, and parakeets. This is Mr. Rosie. He is very shy.

This is Coco. He is a very rare and special parrot.

And this is my friend Olaf. He's five months old and is the sweetest thing. He really likes me. :)

Olaf again.

I cannot remember this parrot's name, but he talked to me a lot and screamed, "Mommy!" When I left the shop. I wanted to take him home. <3

My little friend.

A little lost parakeet (I think that's what they're called) the shop people found.

I found this officer amongst the eggs.

Trail riding time with Bodie!

On the trail. (Photo came out weird.)

The river! I wish it was small enough we could have crossed it.

My friend, who found a tepee someone made. 

Some eggs I found that unfortunately I had to get rid of because they were in the fruit tree and the birds destroy the crops at work.

Thunderstorm sunset.

BIG thunderstorm comin' in!

A June bug I found!

A toad I found at work.

Meet Pablo the paint horse! I painted this horse at work for kids to "Ride". I named him Pablo, based off of a real horse I actually used to ride when I was younger.

On a hike with this lovely friend and we found a snake skin. Look how long it is! This snake must've been six feet long!

We coiled the snake skin on a rock to make it look like a rattler. (I know, I know, mean, but we couldn't resist. We could just see the faces of some passing by hiker and how scared they'd get. ;D)

On the top of the hill! That's the river below us. We hiked all the way up from there.

We found tons of skeletons of deer. We realized later that we probably were in a cougar's territory.

And last but not least, Juneau, my "supervisor" at work. In this photo I was actually painting the trim on the shed, and he got on the ladder to watch me. ;)

Well, hope you enjoyed the pictures! There's been a lot going on the last couple of weeks. So many blessings and adventures. We live in a beautiful world- we just got to find the adventures and enjoy them! :D


  1. Oh my goodness, you live in such a beautiful area!! Bodie looks *just* like this horse I a rode a couple of times during lessons - I believe he was a Thoroughbred, and his name was Bear. ^^ I absolutely love that canola flower picture.

    Thanks for sharing what you've been doing with us! Looks like a ton of fun. Happy 18th, Bodie!!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the pictures, Eve! I love where I live. <3 So many adventures to be had! It's just wonderful. :)
      Oh, Bodie looks like a horse you rode? That's cool! Yeah, Bodie looks like a Thoroughbred but he's actually a Quarter Horse. Weirder still- he's a registered Paint horse. Why? Well, his sire was a Paint and he was supposed to be one, so he got registered as one. But his bloodlines are 99% Quarter Horse.

      Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Haha, after I attended this writer's conference, they told me to make my blog posts "Interesting" I needed to take pictures for my blog. Well, I did what they said. ;) Too many pictures, actually... ;)

  2. Looks like you have lots of fun! :)
    Haha, it would be really fun to see what kind of reaction hikers will get when they see the snake skin! :]

    1. YES! You think like me, Megs. I wish I could have been there when a group of hikers went through. ;) Though later my friend and I realized that since we found he snakeskin off the trail no one would probably see it. (We literally explored the hills for five and a half hours, got lost and had a blast. ;D)

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Oh, bummer! But, I guess it's the *evil* thought that counts. ;)
      Wow! That sounds sooo fun! Wish I could visit and hike with ya'll sometime! ;)
      Yes, so far, I too am really liking the Mornellys! Can't wait to read more of their story! :D

    3. YES! WAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! SOMEDAY someone will find that snake skin and freak out. ;)

      Well, if you're ever in my area let me know and I'll take you hiking. ;) It would be so much fun to do that!

      I'm glad you're liking the Mornellys. I love them a lot. They're so much fun to write about... and think about... and just do things with. :)

    4. Yes! Always stick to that thought. Someday, somehow, someone WILL find it. ;)
      That WOULD be fun! I'll be sure and tell you if I ever come your way. ;D
      Oh yes, I REALLY want to read more about them!
      Oh, and what did Damhan mean when he said: "I will have to make sure I get you assigned as my charge so I can be your imaginary character."?
      Thanks! :)

    5. Ah yes, the old "Charge" thingy. Damhan's always pulling that one. You'll learn more about it as more chapters are posted in the next couple weeks. Basically, it's something the Mornellys do for kids. Breandan will explain it to you all sometime. Damhan's decided you're cool enough that he wants to be the person in charge of watching over you when you were little. If you ever had a crazy imaginary character who always gave you bad ideas and had really crazy blond hair- that was him. It means he's already been there when you were little and played with you. ;)

    6. Oh, okay! I'll be watching for more chapters then! :)
      Gee, I didn't know I was cool... ;)
      Well, I DID used to get into trouble a lot...maybe it was Damhan's fault all the time! ;)
      I remember once that I actually escaped from my room when I was sent there for being naughty, and run out to visit the horses...boy, did I get in bigger trouble then. :P
      Hmm, I don't remember the blond hair, but you never know...
      Well, actually, I remember jumping on the trampoline, and playing horses, etc. with imaginary friends as well as my sisters...maybe it was Damhan! ;D

    7. Damhán Mornelly6/21/2015

      You've already forgotten me? Shame on you, Megs! Don't you remember me beckoning you out the window after you got sent to your room? I even helped you down, for goodness sake! I remember how much trouble you got in, too. I didn't stick around for that part...
      And you don't remember when I played outlaw and you were the horse I stole? That makes me sad. You've forgotten me so quickly... and I just started as your guardian only two days ago!
      Perhaps this message will jog your memory a bit. I hope so. Gosh, that one time where we pretended to be sharks was so much fun...

    8. Damhán! You got Megs in trouble? That's mean. You shouldn't encourage kids to be bad.

      Well, as you can see from Damhán's message, it appears he is the one that was there. Your story about escaping from your bedroom sounds hilarious to me. I'm laughing. ;) I did stuff like that! Hehe, I think you and I are VERY similar... :)

      I saw the picture of you and your sister with Mrs. Marlow! Are you the taller of the two? You girls looked super excited. :) It was a cute picture. :)

    9. Damhan: You know, I don't think I would have come out if you hadn't encouraged me...
      And once on my birthday...I ran outside to show you my new toy horse, and got in trouble for going out because I was told not too... But, I escaped the "painful" punishment 'cause someone just came by, and it was my birthday. But I do remember playing cowboys and indians, and playing with little toy horses! I never found out where my favorite toy baby horse went...did you take it Damhan? ;)

      Emily: Haha, yeah. I got my big sister to go with me down to the basement, then I went out the basement door. (I was scared to go down there by myself..)
      I bet we could be good friends Emily. AND get into loads of trouble together... ;)
      Yep, I'm the one with brown hair. Kai already finished the book! I'm probably going to start it today. Thanks! My mom took the picture. :)

    10. Oh, trouble! So much fun. ;) Hahaha, the things you did with Damhán sound like quite a bit of adventure! ;) And exactly like what I would do! Except my "imaginary" characters were Jake and Aichear, and they mostly told me what not to do. I did all the doing on my own, there was no encouragement on either Jake's or Aichear's part. ;)

      Yes, someday we should meet each other. ;) Though if you ever want to send me an email, that would be fun, too! Your choice and your parent's decision, of course. :)

      Wow! Kai's a fast reader! I'm sure you're going to enjoy it, too. :)

    11. Oh yeah, loads of fun. ;)
      Maybe you were safer with them then?
      I'd love to e-mail you, that would be fun!
      I'll ask Mom and Dad! It'd be better then filling up your comment section... :P ;)
      Yeah, Kai's fast! I've only read the first chapter so far...But I like it! :)

    12. Yeah, I suppose having Aichear telling me what not to do and Jake warning me how I was going to get in trouble was probably a good thing. ;)

  3. Beautiful place up there! Enjoyed the pictures!! I remember you talking about the "horse" you painted haha. Pablo looks great!
    P.S Really like the Mornellys so far too!

    1. Oh yeah, you're the one I was discussing the "paint" horse with. I'm so glad he came out so good. :) I'm glad you liked the pictures, and the Mornellys. I LOVE the Mornelly family. I can't remember the last time I had sooo much fun with a fictional family. I usually play around with one or two characters I love, but I love all the Mornellys about equally. Though if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Aichear. I love Aichear. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Does Olaf like warm hugs? B-) Sorry, I couldn't resist that. ;) I love seeing pictures from your everyday life! So fun! :D Happy 18th B-day Bodie! You're an awesome horse, and your owner is very lucky to have you!

    1. Olaf loves warm hugs. ;) Haha, I was NOT surprised in the least when I found out his name. At least he's got the name of no doubt some of my ancestors. (I have some Norwegian and Swedish blood in me somewhere back there.)
      Bodie says thank you for the birthday wishes! :D He is awesome, and he told you not to forget his amazingness. ;) Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  5. All the pictures are great, Emily! But my favorites are the dogs:) Are they golden retrievers? Ginger reminds me of a golden retriever my grandpa had named Dusty. And Yogi reminds me of another dog I knew, who belonged to a guy who worked for my dad. I don't remember her name but she answered the telephone once!

    1. Yep, they're both golden retrievers. They're so sweet. :) I can't decide which is my favorite. Both are really fun! Ginger is getting very old, though, and will have to be put down sometime. Which is sad. Yogi is very obnoxious. And Juneau... Juneau tells me what to do all the time. ;) I love the animals at work!

  6. I love it when you post pictures like this!! It helps us get to "know" you a little better. Well, at least I think it does! ;)
    I loved the parrots and the hiking pictures especially!
    Tell Bodie happy birthday for me!! :D He sounds like an amazing horse!

    1. I'm glad, Jesseca! I was hoping I didn't bore you guys with the pictures. To me, they're awesome, but I have a high opinion of myself so I'm working on taking other peoples' opinions into consideration. ;) The parrots were so adorable! I love them. :)

      Bodie says thanks for the birthday wishes. He actually wouldn't eat his cake, because I stuck an egg in it and forgot he doesn't eat eggs. ;) It was funny. :D

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. How cool! Good shots! I'm gonna have to do a catch up post on my blog: graduation, summer, horses, etc!

    1. Yeah, I know how that goes! Catch-up posts seem to be necessary for all bloggers! :D

  8. I loved this post! Of course, I do love random things. That is a necessary part of my life-switching subjects and thinking processes rapidly. If you can imagine a carousel, my thought process would be like someone jumping off and on different horses while the ride was going at top speed. That's how I visualize it, anyhow.
    But I wouldn't want to be different!
    God bless!

    1. Oh, happy birthday Bodie!
      My grandpa had a pony that lived into her thirties or something. Good old Heidi! However, I was too young and scared to enjoy her as much as if she had still been around when the horse bug bit me! I do remember riding her, on a grain sack! Her barn is actually now a guest house. Funny, when I go in I remember where her stall was, where the feed bin (with a mouse or rat) stood, and other things! Times do change. Sigh. I've got good memories with Heidi!

    2. Okay-so I can't remember to put everything into a single comment. That June bug doesn't look like those around here. The ones here are a dark brown, and are large and bumbly and attracted to light. I don't like them! (Especially when they bombard my room and land in my fish's jar or attack my laptop!)


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