Red Crisis: The Research

A Soviet Emblem. Russian Soviet soldiers wore these
on their hats. America and Russia were not on good
terms in 1967. The Cold War was still going on.
With every story that I've ever written, there is the most beloved and cherished "R" word that goes into the work.


I'm a fanatic about history. I'm sure you didn't know this. *Sarcastic grin* History is a really important element in all of my stories. Even in a new fantasy series I'm working on, history is woven in throughout the story. History is what made us what we are today- so why wouldn't I be interested in the past?

Red Crisis is probably a bit more lenient on historical events. I throw in some fun plots and twists that are not very likely. What you will find in Red Crisis is a history on homeschooling many of you may not be aware of. For example, homeschooling in 1971 was called "de-schooling", meaning to take the child from a public school and de-school what the teachers taught them that was false. Lisa Irving, Cecelia Crane's penpal and friend from Oregon, is from a large family that lives in the wilderness of the Siskiyou forest. Due to the fact the nearest town is twenty-five to thirty miles away, the Irving children are "home educated" as homeschooling was referred to back then. This leads to some conflict later on when Lisa visits Cecelia and attends her school with her.
Wouldn't this be nice to have? This is a quarter from 1911.
Perhaps these were still in circulation by 1967.

So there's your random history fact of the day! I can't give you too many facts on the subject, or you will discover the plot of the story.

What about you, dear readers? What do you do when you're writing a story? What kind of research do your stories entail? Even fantasy worlds have to be researched, believe it or not. You'd be surprised the amount of research that's put into every book you've ever read.

Do you find research hard? Easy? Do you enjoy it? Or can you not stand it? Perhaps we can all encourage each other in our work. Those of you who don't like research may find some tips by those who love it very helpful. Converse with each other and give advice! That's what we're here for!


  1. Cool fact! I know a lady whose family was a pioneering family in homeschooling.
    I do a decent amount of research when I write. I like to write about the Western States and my favorite time period is late 1800s so I do research on life back then such as jobs, clothing, significant events, etc.

  2. Wait. . .you said "random history fact of the day". Does that mean we get one every day??? :D Research for my stories usually includes encyclopedias, a ton of computer research and then I might go to the library and try to get some books specifically about that time period.I do enjoy research. . . most of the time, just as long as I can find what I'm looking for! :P I find research relatively easy, unless I'm looking for a detail I just CANNOT seem to find. Then it can get frustrating!

    1. Yeah! It gets frustrating when you're searching and searching for something and you can't find it.

    2. Ah yes. That is very frustrating and very annoying. I can sympathize with you both. In my case, since I write so much about foreign countries, it's hard for me to find any straight facts that I need in English. I end up usually trying to make friends with people from those countries to ask questions, but then I get shy because I feel so weird. ;)

      Lauren, you'll have to tell me more about these western stories you write. I'm intrigued!

      Jesseca, no, no random history facts every day. That would take me a longggg time to give a fact everyday. You want me to write "Ivan", right? ;)

      Thanks for commenting, girls!

    3. I've been toying around with my own blogger blog, Emily. I've been considering posting my stories on there if I ever get around to finishing the blog.I'll have to give you my blog address if I post the blog.

    4. Oh, that would be wonderful! I'd love to read your stories and your blog! Sometime we need to Google chat again or something, because I've enjoyed our talks in the past. :)
      Yes, definitely let me know when you make a blog. I will read it and follow it. :)

    5. If you do get a blog, Lauren, I hope you share it so we all can read your stories! :)

    6. Yeah, I would love to chat again!

      I'll work on the blog and we'll see what I come up with. Thank-you both for your interest. :D

  3. Most of my research is medical related. Encyclopedias, old school books, my mom's medical books, internet, name it I've used it!
    I like research most of the time, but when I can't find something I get REALLY frustrated! ;D

    1. Hmmm... fascinating, Faith. Interesting as well that you do so much medical research. I don't believe I've actually done much medical research. I usually just shoot someone and they die. ;) I'm mean, but I usually don't injure my characters. :)
      Does this mean your Andi story has someone who gets hurt in it? Double amazingness! :D
      Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

    2. "I usually just shoot someone and they die" that's sounds just like my little bro! One day I was telling him about a story I'm writing, in which someone gets shot, and he was like "do they die?!" I was like "NO! Of course, not!" He was like "why not!?"
      My mom's a physical therapist and she still has her medical nooks from college, so I go get those out an look stuff up!
      You're finding out all my secrets! Yes, someone gets hurt in my Andi story:) my 'injuries' always seem to be...hmm life-threatening, should say?.....

    3. Ooo, life threatening... now I'm REALLY excited. Bad guys, injuries, life threatening injuries... this sounds like my kind of book. B-) I do some life-threatening stuff sometimes, but again, people usually just get shot.
      Well, let me know when you post it on your blog so I can read this story!

    4. Your mom's a physical therapist? That's so cool! My dad is a physical therapist assistant and I use a lot of his medical books for researcher as well!!

    5. Physical therapist assistant is what my mom is too. Sorry that I wasn't very specific! But she hasn't worked since I was born.
      That's so cool! Something else in common!
      How many brothers and sisters do you have? If you don't mind:-)

    6. Emily: getting shot could be life-threatening! ;)
      I'll be sure and let you know! Also I added the 'follow by email' option to my blog if you want to do that:) I hope to start posting it soon! Thanks for being interested! :)

    7. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters, so there are 8 of us all together!! How about you?

    8. WOW!!! I have one brother. He's younger than me!!!

    9. Oh, I KNOW it can be life threatening. ;) That's why I like doing it. Plus I can just shoot someone without going into details about the injuries. I prefer to do research on history and weapons over medical stuff, though I'm getting inspired to do it because of you girls. :)

  4. For me, I prefer writing to research's okay. I do most of my research online but I also use books. If any of you were to come to my house, practically every wall is covered in books!!! Even in the present-day novel I'm working on, I have to do medical research for when the characters get injured. My research also includes my experiences and talking to people.

    1. Some people are that way. It's totally fine! My problem is I get so caught up in the research that I forget to write. ;) I'd love to see your book collection, Bethany. You'd make me so happy to see sooo many books. B-)
      The present day story you're working on... is that the one where the girl got injured by the horse? That one is fascinating.
      It seems all of you do a lot of medical research. Perhaps I should take heed and follow the example... I don't think enough people get injured in my stories. ;)


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