Writing Assignment 4: Entries

Well, we got two entries for this week's writing assignment. They were sent in by Jesseca Dawn and Lauren. Both were great, I really liked them a lot. They were so funny and humorous!

I think Jesseca's captured the music perfectly, though. She added in at the end that "Oh no, Blake is caught!" which sounds like how the music ends to me, as well. Here's Jesseca's piece!

Pussywillow Prank
by Jesseca

10-year-old Blake crept up to the window. Holding in his hand a long blade of grass, he peeked outside. Sure enough, there sat his brother Chase and the girl he was courting, Lilianne.
Turning he glanced around the room once more. It was empty. Mother was still outside putting the wash on the line. Perfect!
The sound of Lilianne’s laughter floated on the breeze that flowed freely through the open window, Chase’s deeper laugh followed.
Slowly he raised his head just enough for his eyes to peek out. Raising the blade of grass, he lightly touched Chase just above the collar of his shirt. Immediately Chase reached back and itched where the grass had been only a moment earlier. Blake inwardly chuckled.
“Theses mosquitoes are getting worse every day!” he heard Chase remark.
Once again he reached out the window, but this time he let the flyaway piece of grass touch Chase’s ear, then quickly travel down to his chin before ducking back down inside the house.
He chuckled as Chase slapped at his cheek, trying to kill the pesky insect that insisted on bothering him.
“I don’t really mind mosquitos.” Blake heard Lilianne’s say. ‘But spiders and just about any other kind of insect nearly frighten me to death, especially those fuzzy ones!”
Suddenly and mischievous and devious thought crept into Blake's mind.  No, he couldn’t do it! But it would be so much fun. . .before he could decide otherwise, he dashed up the stairs of the old farmhouse and barreled into his room. Opening the drawer where he kept his treasures, he reached in and pulled out the pussy willow he had placed there just that morning. Yes, this would do the trick.
He hurried back down the stairs and resumed his place below the window.
Once again he reached out, only this time he had a different victim. . .and a different weapon!
The fuzzy pussy willow moved closer to Liliane’s auburn curls, which were tied back with a ribbon. In one smooth motion he let the pussy willow rest on the back of her neck. He dropped back down to the floor as Lilianne let out a piercing shriek. “Its on me, its on me, it’s attacking me!” she exclaimed hurriedly standing and smacking her neck.
Chase stood as well and flipped the auburn curls over her shoulder.
“It’s okay, settle down, Lilianne.” he said in a soothing voice, “There’s nothing there.”
She turned to him, an incredulous look on her face. “But it was! a big, heavy, furry thing!”
Chases looked down at the chair. “Really there’s nothing here.” he moved the chair away from the house. ‘Nothing but this pussy willo---. “ he helped Lilianne back into the chair “You wait here. I think I know what may have happened.”
Blake stood up away from the window. Now would be the time to beat a hasty retreat. But at that moment, Mother, who had heard the scream, came in the back door. “What just happened? I thought I heard. .  .” she trailed  off and sent a questioning look to her older son, who had just walked in the front door.
“Yes, mother.” Chase said. “And I believe it involved this” he held up the pussy willow “and a certain younger brother of mine.”
Blake groaned. He was caught.

Lauren's was just as funny, what with the hayloft and the practical jokes. I too, love to imagine a "prank" or a funny situation with this music. I liked the fact that Reuben got them back. This was great!

Hayloft Escape
By Lauren
Tommy and Sam Braxton rushed into the barn and scrambled up into the hayloft. The huddled down in the soft hay and held their breath. The twins’ older brother, Reuben was right behind them. The oldest Braxton boy marched into the barn in a huff and came to a halt.
       “Where are you two rascals?” Reuben demanded. He had been at the receiving end of one of boys’ practical jokes. After a long day of helping out at the farm, he was not in the mood for jokes.
       While Reuben searched the lower half of the barn, Tommy and Sam went into action. Tommy fetched the bucket of water the boys had previously left up in the loft and Sam crept over to the hayloft ladder.
       “Looking for us?” Sam taunted.
       Reuben spun around and spotted Sam’s blonde head peeking down at him from the hayloft. “Samuel Jay Braxton! You just wait until I get my hands on you!” Reuben began climbing the ladder. Rueben steadily climbed the ladder, all the while muttering under his breath.
As Reuben reached the top of the ladder, Sam called to his twin, “Now, Tommy!”
Tommy nodded his head and in one swift motion, he dumped the bucket of water on top of Reuben. Reuben shouted in surprise as the water cascaded down on him, soaking every layer of clothing he wore. He looked up and saw Tommy standing over him, giggling like a schoolgirl.
“Well done, fellows, but I’m afraid this time, I out smarted you.” Reuben stretched his hand above his head and revealed his weapon: the garden hose. Reuben squeezed the trigger and released the spray, drenching his little brothers.
Now Tommy and Sam squealed in surprise as they were the ones getting soaked. Reuben roared in laughter while the twins stood in shock.
“And that’s how the Golden Rule works, boys,” Reuben said with a wink. “Let’s go get cleaned up before suppertime, huh?”
The Braxton brothers left the barn and headed up to the house, side-by-side.

Thanks for the entries, girls! There will be another "Write This Piece!" Assignment within the coming week or two. For now, I am going crazy trying to catch up on some serious editing. I have a big meeting in March I have to get Free, my book, ready for.
Great job, girls! You both are great writers!


  1. Thanks for hosting the assignment! It was fun to write a comical piece. I hope your editing goes well!! Best of luck :-)

    1. Thanks Lauren, I could use some prayer on my editing. It's been super frustrating lately, but it's getting better. Prayers would be appreciated- I need to get this done soon! :)
      Great job on your piece! I laughed when I read it. :)

    2. I'll pray for you! No problem :-) Thanks!

  2. Good job girls! Those where both very funny. :)

    1. Very Funny! Thanks for posting. Sorry that I didn't enter this week. :-(

    2. You girls will have to enter next time, then. :) I could use some more entries. :)

  3. So funny! :D I'm sorry I didn't enter this time, but I was pretty busy with school. I'll try harder to get something done next time. :)


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