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Last chance to enter to win Secret of the Rose: The Eleventh Hour contest giveaway! I noted some of you haven't entered yet. You have until Wendsday night, midnight, to enter. I'm drawing the winner on Thursday. Good luck! Instructions are on original blog post. 100 BLOG POSTS GIVEAWAY!

This was the second picture I posted on this blog. This is me and Rylee the Thoroughbred, a horse I trained for two years. I'm sixteen in this photo. Whew! I was young... ;)


  1. Lydia T.2/16/2015

    Do you ever ride English? Just wondering! Rylee and Bodie are both gorgeous horses!

    1. Howdy Lydia T! Welcome to the blog! :D
      I have ridden English several times. In fact I've ridden English, Western, bareback and Australian-style! :D I prefer bareback and Western though. I'm a cowgirl through and through. ;) In the future, after I finish this Cossack outfit I'm putting together, I'll probably throw a English saddle on Bodie and do a photo shoot in that. One thing that I do that most Western riders don't is a lot of jumping. I jump bareback and in a Western style. I was never instructed on how to jump, but Bodie and I figured it out and proceeded from there. :)
      I think English is a great disciplined sport, but Bodie hates English with a passion, so we stick to Western. ;) (Sometime trained him the wrong way in English, so he refuses to be ridden that way now) I can't even get a bit in his mouth because someone ruined him for life on bits. He hates them so much he becomes dangerous when he sees one. I ride him in a Western hackamore, and he's happy in that.

      Do you ride, Lydia? If so, do you own a horse and what discipline do you ride in?

      Thanks for commenting! Glad to see you on the blog!


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