The Magic Penny Story: Scene Five

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Okay, I promised you I would give you the rest of this scene. Well, here it is! I hope I'm not boring you with all of these, I know they're really random.

Here's the rest of the one-shot.

"It seems I come as a surprise," Dzherri said.
“Not really. I knew if Nicolai was around you must be somewhere nearby.” I replied.
Dzherri gave me a sideways glance as he said, “From what I’ve learned this day, it seems that none of us,” he gestured towards everyone, “are actually real.” he turned to me and gave a slight smile. “Except, for you.”
“Yes, I’m the writer.” I said uneasily.
“And none of us can actually be killed,” he continued, “except, for you.”
At this, Jake stood in front of me and glared at Dzherri. “Back off.”
“Australian?” Dzherri said, raising an eyebrow. “Ah, I know who you are. You’re Jacob Craig.”
“Yes.” Jake said, a little surprised. “And you’re-”
“Dzherri Kalasky.” Dzherri cut him short. “If I’m correct that’s Montgomery Smith,” he waved his hand towards Monty, “Rory Slye,” he motioned towards Rory, “and of course, the great Michael Thomais. Though I must admit I‘m rather surprise to see you as a, rabbit.”
“Charmed.” Michael said courtly. “You are quite a faker. And, I‘m not a rabbit, I‘m a hare.”
Dzherri glared at him, but didn’t respond.
“Wait, how do you know who we all are?” Monty demanded. “I would have remembered an evil Michael Thomais.”
“Actually, I can explain that.” I said, stepping forward. “He’s from the new series, The New Adventures of Emilia Rene Relouex. During these stories (which take place during 1985-1988) Emily Anna Jones is publishing books about her adventures, and Dzherri read them.”
“I did not!” he snapped. “Nicolai did.”
“I did.” Nicolai responded.
“Well, you get the basic idea.” I said.
“Enough of this nonsense!” Dzherri hissed, stepping towards me. Jake put his hand on Dzherri and glared at him.
“I told you once, mate, and I’ll tell you again. Back off!”
“Not until I have what I want.” Dzherri shot back.
“Oh, and what is that?” Jake snapped.
Dzherri stepped back and drew himself to his full height, at least two inches taller than Jake. The crackling fire made shadows on his face, and he looked menacing.
“Miss O'Connor isn’t anything to you at all, Craig.” he said, flashing a charming smile. “She isn’t Emily Anna Jones. Don’t you find it annoying a child made you?”
“What are you getting at?” Monty demanded, stepping forward.
“I’m merely pointing out you don’t know the girl at all.” Dzherri said, shrugging. “She isn’t Emily Anna Jones, she isn’t Emilia Rene Jones, she isn’t any such person. Why should you care about her?” Dzherri glanced at me, and once more stepped forward. “I, on the other hand, could put her to good use.”
Instantly Jake shoved Dzherri back, and Monty drew his gun. Rory followed Monty’s suit, and Thomais kept an eye on Nicolai, who was standing there looking bored as ever.
“You leave her alone!” Jake growled.
“Temper temper.” Dzherri taunted, getting up from where Jake had knocked him down. “I’m only pointing out whereas you have no use for the child I could use her.”
“You think we’d just hand her over to you because you asked?” Rory spat. “What kind of man are you?”
“What is she to you?” Dzherri returned. “You don’t know her.”
“And neither do you.” Jake cut him short.
“If I may,” I said, drawing everyone’s attention. “Why on earth would you want to kidnap me anyways Dzherri? Jack isn’t here, and even when he does get here you can’t kill him.”
“How simple minded you all are!” Dzherri groaned. “Jack means nothing to me- right now. But you do.”
“Why?” Monty put in.
“If this child can wish all of us to the real world, what countless other things can she obtain for us?” Dzherri said with a grin. “I personally don’t want to start all my files again, and if she can ‘wish’ them here so to speak she can also get my men back.”
“Wait, you don’t want to go home?” Thomais asked in shock.
“Unlike you Thomais, I come from a time only thirty years before, and I must say what our dear friend Emily has here in the real world is much more to my liking.” Dzherri said. “Yes, I could use the technology today for many things.”
“Always scheming.” I said, disgusted.
“Yes, well, you made me that way, did you not?” Dzherri challenged.
“Get out.” Jake snapped. “We don’t want you here and no, you cannot have the girl!”
Dzherri stepped back, putting his hands up. “Alright, alright. But this isn’t the last time you’ll hear from me. I will get the child, one way or another.” Dzherri glanced at me and pointed his finger at me. “You can be sure about that, my dear.”
“Ah, I see you’ve already found your way here.”
Everyone turned to see Warren standing in the clearing, a man behind him that I recognized as Sergeant Schertz.
“Warren!” Jake gasped, stepping back.
“Craig.” he replied courtly.
“Oh so it is the great General after all?” Dzherri sneered.
“General? I am Colonel Warren.” Warren shot back. “Not a General yet. And I still haven’t pried anything out of you as far as names go other than that you’re a Communist.”
“And you a Nazi.” Dzherri growled.
“Wait, you two have already met?” Monty asked.
“You could say that.” Dzherri muttered. “He was how I figured out we can’t be killed.”
“Same for you.” Warren said. “Is it true, Miss J-I mean, Miss O'Connor, that you wrote all of our characters?”
“Yep.” I replied, with a smile tugging at my mouth. “And you have no idea how cool it is to see you all so real!”
“I could change that.” Dzherri said.
“We told you to get out of here!” Monty said, crossing his arms. “And unless you want us to chase you out I suggest you leave now.” Monty glanced at Nicolai, who was still standing there, and said, “that goes for you too.”
“What are you going to do to me if I don’t leave?” Dzherri smirked. “You can’t kill me.”
“We’ll tie you to a tree and paint smiley faces all over you.”
Dzherri didn’t seem to like this idea, and once more looked in my direction. “This is not over.”
He motioned to Nicolai, nodded to the rest of us and turned around, Nicolai following behind like a faithful dog.
I watched them go, than glanced at Warren nervously. Dzherri’s creepy, but Warren’s scarier. What could he possibly want with us if he knows he can’t kill us? Another thought entered my mind. Well, he may not be able to kill them, but he most certainly can kill me. I shuddered, partly out of fear, partly out of sheer excitement. This was just like my stories.

Dzherri and Warren do not like each other in the least. I think all the characters that had a say in this scene I've already introduced you to.
So what do you think is going on? Why can't imaginary characters die in the real world, and yet can hurt real people? And do you think I can wish the characters away any time I want?
The answer is no- I cannot. It has to be done a certain way, which I never covered in any coming scenes. I do have some fun Dzherri scenes coming up though, which I think you'll like. I'll explain the entire story in a detailed plot-line to you all after I've finished posting all the scenes.

We're coming to the end of these Magic Penny scenes. They were mostly One-shots and ideas, never complete chapters or anything. Hope you're liking it thus far!

Do you think you could handle one of your bad guy characters? If so, why? And since most of you answered that Jake was your favorite imaginary character (since I'm not imaginary!) why was he your favorite character?


  1. So far, none of my "bad people" are TOO bad.
    Of course, that will change in the future.
    I'm not sure if I could handle them. I guess most of them are bullies, and I would not stand for that. I really get quite bulldog-like when I see/hear people being mean.
    As the oldest, I guess I'm extra protective of my siblings. :D
    Sometimes I can pass stuff off as not hurting, but it does.
    God bless!

    1. Yeah, I don't think I could really handle my bad guys all that well, unless I made them sorry for me and got them to let me go. ;) Otherwise I probably would end up in a bad situation. :)

  2. I'd have to say that Jake is my favorite because of his older brother, protective attitude... and his accent ;)
    looking forwards to more scenes...

    1. Yep, Jake makes a great older brother character. B-) I had two older brothers when I grew up, plus lots of adopted older brothers. All of my brother's friends treated us like little sisters, so I had a lot of "brothers" which is why I tend to have so many characters like that in my stories. :) Because it's true to my experience. :)

    2. Agreed!

  3. When is the next scene?

    1. I don't know. Sometime within the week. I have a couple other posts I want to do first. :)


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