The Magic Penny Story: Scene Four

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Okay, so this next scene picks right up where I left off with that last piece I gave you. I (Emily) have just finished telling Jake he's not real and the whole story of what happened. This is what ensues...

Author warning: All mistakes and grammar errors are because of this being written a long time ago, like, almost four years ago. I'm saying this over and over again because in case someone picks up reading this and thinks I'm a bad writer. :P I guess I'm a bit prideful that way...

Okay, here's the scene!

“So you wished for all of your imaginary characters to be real?” Jake inquired.
“That’s about the size of it.” I replied.
"And your name is also Emily."
"And you seriously wished all of the characters to life?"
"I said that already."
“All of them?”
“That’s what I said!”
“All of them!” he groaned.
“What’s wrong?” I demanded.
“You wished for all of your characters to become real!” he exclaimed. “Think, Emily. ALL OF YOUR CHARACTERS.
I sat in thought, when suddenly it hit me. “Oh yeah.” I said sheepishly. “I guess I hadn’t thought about that.”
“Just how many bad guys do you have in your stories?” Jake said sternly.
“uhhh…” I said in thought. “Dzherri, Nicolai, Warren, Reichmann. Oh, and Sean, Schneider and Felix, but they all become good guys later and I’m not too worried about them. Sheriff Leroy, Scott Hanson, Sergeant Schertz, Dnanidref Ikztlobarts, Rolf Dietrich, Colonel Steiner, Dovchenko, Colonel Vlasenko, Sergeant Lysenko, Timothy, Scarface, Wolfgang and his gang, and probably several others that I can’t remember.”
“What about Buck?”
“Oh, he’s probably here too.”
Jake sighed, and sat back. “You know, this wouldn’t be nearly as bad if you hadn’t wished for everyone to be here! Didn’t you even consider the fact that several of your characters are evil conniving Nazis and Communists and killers who are ruthless and wouldn’t think twice of killing you or the rest of us!?!”
“Don’t worry Jake!” I said, waving it off. “If any of them try to kill me again, I’ll just make them go back to the imaginary world!”
“Easier said then done.” he grunted.
“Please don’t worry about me.” I begged.
“Don’t worry about you!” he snapped. “You just nearly got killed back there by Warren, and from your previous experiences with this Dzherri character and Reichmann, this isn’t the first time. And you’re telling me not to worry?”
“I suppose it does sound ridiculous.” I admitted.
“He got away.” Monty said, walking up to us from the direction of the fight. “Didn’t even hurt him.”
“You look fine.” Jake commented.
“Yeah, that’s the weird thing, I didn’t get hurt either.” Monty said, sitting down on a nearby rock.
“Imaginary characters must not get hurt in the real world.” I said in thought.
“I guess not.” Jake said, yawning. “But it’s obvious real people get hurt in the real world.”
“Heheh.” I laughed uneasily, glancing down at the still healing cut on my hand. INSERT- I got sliced in my hand earlier when Reichmann attacked me. The scene didn't seem all that important to put here, so I didn't post that one.
Rory approached us, panting. “Didn’t catch him.” he growled. “I almost did, but he whammed me in the face and took off.” he turned to me and asked, “You okay Em?”
I ignored the fact he called me ‘Em’ instead of Emily and answered, “Yeah, I’m okay.”
“Hey Jake!” Rory greeted the Australian, his eyes lighting up.
“G’day Rory.” Jake said with a smile. “Or, to be more accurate, G’evening.”
“What do you think about this business of us being imaginary characters?” he asked, taking a seat next to Monty, who was currently stuffing his face with food I didn’t know we had on us.
“Crazy.” Jake replied. “And I think the author’s crazier.”
Jake winked at me and laughed. “Though seriously, that was pretty foolish to wish all your characters to life.” he said, a frown tugging at his mouth. “But I think I’ve said that enough tonight.”
“Where’d you get that food Monty?” I asked, switching the subject.
“From the house.” he replied, putting the last of the item in his mouth.
House. House. HOUSE! I suddenly leapt upright and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! My family’s gotta be worried sick about me!”
I started to run towards the direction of where I knew our house to be, but Jake grabbed my arm and stopped me.
“Whoa there little mate,” he said, pulling me back, “You don’t know who else might be there waiting for you.”
“Yeah, Sean and Warren and Reichmann all know where you live,” Monty put in, “Who’s to say they’re not lying in wait to snatch you and kill you?”
“But, but my family!” I protested. “They don’t know where I am!”
“Well you’re not going back there tonight.” Jake said firmly. “I’m sure if they knew the situation they would agree with me.”
“Gosh, you sound just like how I wrote you.” I mumbled. “Always being overly protective.”
“Hey, I agree with Jake.” Rory commented.
“Yeah, I do too.” Monty said. “If you get killed, who’s to say we won’t all disappear from the face of the earth and from your imagination? Since we’re your imaginary characters, we probably wouldn’t exist if you died.”
“I never thought about that.” I said slowly. “That’s kind of creepy/cool.”
“Well, I don’t know about you three, but I think we have a lot of searching to do tomorrow.” Jake said with a yawn. “Depending on just how many of the characters our dear friend Emily created show up, we have a lot of accounting to do.”
“Aww come on Jake!” I groaned. “This is like the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me! Can’t you let me have a little fun?”
Jake gestured to my hand and asked, “Was that fun?”
“No, but-”
“Was watching Monty nearly get killed fun?”
“No but he wasn’t-”
“How would you feel if one of your family members’ was in danger?”
“Really bad, but-”
“Don’t you get it?” Jake cut me short. “You’re putting yourself into a lot more danger than I bet even you could write in a story.”
“Really, all I have to do is wish them away.” I protested. “It’s not that big of a deal.”
“How do you know that works?” Monty asked.
“I don’t.” I admitted. “But it sounds logical.”
“Was it logical to wish-” Jake began, but was interrupted by a loud yelp.
Instantly, Jake, Rory and myself leapt up, wondering where the danger was. Monty, on the other hand, looked up, and grinned.
“I know that wimp’s voice anywhere.” he sneered. “Come on out Thomais, it’s just us.”
From behind a tree a little rabbit came out. “This is so humiliating.” he complained.
“Michael Thomais?!” I burst out laughing. “You’re a rabbit?”
“How did that happen?” Monty roared with laughter, the rest of us joining.
“Ha ha ha ha. Hysterical. I can’t remember having this much fun before.” Thomais returned. He turned to me, and asked, “Who are you?”
“This is Emily O'Connor.” Monty explained. “She created yours and my characters.”
“Actually, Thomais is not my character.” I interjected. “He’s my sister Joy's character. Which is probably why he came as a rabbit, because he‘s only somewhat in my stories, so he didn‘t appear fully.”
“Augh!” Thomais groaned. “This place is horrible! Children run around in the most despicable clothing, the sun shines down in your eyes, animals leave mess everywhere…I need clouds! I need city! I need normal people!”
“Try Seattle.” I suggested. “Cloudy, tons of people and not very many farm animals.”
“Yes…thank you.” Thomais said, eying me suspiciously. “I’m curious, since you’re the writer of these characters,” he twitched his nose and nodded his head towards Monty, Jake and Rory, “I suppose that means that Emily Anna Jones was based off of you.”
“That’s right.”
“Wonderful. Just what I need, another charming child to ask questions and make sassy remarks while I try to find my way back!”
“Relax buddy,” Monty said, “Sit down and cool it.”
“Someone picked up on the culture rather quickly.” Thomais mumbled. The British rabbit glanced around stingily, then chose to remain upright.
Jake sighed, and sat back down. “Well, I suppose we should all be glad he’s on our team.” he mused. “We sure can use some more support.”
“Alexander should be here soon!” I said. “And if I’m correct, so should Louie, Peter, Nick, Jamen, Marcus, Heath, Pavel, and who knows who else!”
“That reminds me,” Jake said, turning to me, “I want you to make a list of all the bad guy characters you have so we know who to watch out for.”
“Well, Nicolai for one.”
“Yes?” a voice asked. At this all of us leapt back up again and turned to face the one and only Nicolai Dobzhansky, who was standing about fifteen feet away. “You asked for me?” he asked.
“No, we were talking about you.” I replied. Something was tugging at the back of my mind, but I couldn’t place it right now.
“Oh, so your Nicolai!” Jake exclaimed. “You don’t look like much of a threat.”
“Believe me Jake, he can fight when he wants to.” I assured him. “Though my rooster can’t.”
“What does your rooster have to do with this?” Thomais demanded.
“His name is Nicolai Dobzhansky too.” I explained.
“You named the rooster after your character!” Monty exclaimed.
“Uh huh.”
“I’m honored.” Nicolai said.
“I always imagined you making chicken faces so I thought the rooster should be named Nicolai.” I told him. “I decided if he was a good rooster, he’d be named Nicolai Dobzhansky. If he was a bad rooster though, he would be Nicolae Carpathia.”
“Who is?” Rory asked.
Not one of my characters.” I said with a grin. “And believe me, be glad he’s not.”
“What does this have to do with anything?” Jake inquired.
“Nothing. I was just explaining, that’s all.”
“What are you doing here?” Monty said, turning to Nicolai and switching the subject. “If I recall, unless you’re a double agent you work for that Kalasky feller.”
“That’s correct.” Nicolai responded.
“Then why are you here?” Monty demanded. “This is the ‘good guys only’ club and you don’t belong in it.”
“Oh, exclusive are we?”
At the sound of Dzherri’s voice I whirled around to face him, as did everyone else. Dzherri, pleased with the attention, smiled.
“It seems I come as a surprise.”
I'll post the second part to this sometime later this week. It was too long to do in one post. :)
What would you do in this situation? So far, who is your favorite  character?
Can't wait to hear from you all!


  1. What would I do? Try to figure out how to get all the bad guys back into the books! (But I might decide to keep the good guys real... :P)
    My favorite character is TOTALLY you. (Do you count?) If you don't I would say that probably all the good guys come in second place, Monty and Jake tying above the rest. :)

    1. Aww, thanks Rebekah! Haha, that's pretty funny. :) I guess I count as a character, seeing how this is fictitious anyways. :) Monty and Jake are definitely two of my top favorites as well. It's so hard to choose a favorite because I LOVE them all! They're all so great. :) One character that's not in this story (because he came after I wrote all these scenes) is Pavel from my book, "Free". I would have to say he is probably my favorite character- currently. He's a great father figure in the story, and I just really like him. :)
      Glad you're liking it thus far!

    2. I agree! Monty and Jake are my favorites too!

    3. Monty, Jake, and you!

    4. Monty is such a fun character! Originally he was based off of Indiana Jones, but now he's developed into a totally different character. He's hilariously funny and ornery, but very matter-a-fact as well. And Jake is so nice and friendly, he's a very good brother character. :)
      Thanks for commenting Lydia!

  2. Hmmm So Nicolai is a bad guy and then Dzherri show's up ... this is very interesting. Can't wait till the next part.
    I am really enjoying these :)

    1. Oh and my favorite character besides you (if you count) would probably be Jake. I love the Australian accent!!!

    2. Jake is awesome. B-) He's been a great "imaginary friend" to me over the years. He's been going on "adventures" with me since I was... I don't know, maybe even four. He was always kinda there, my imaginary cousin that knew everything, was wise, cautious and very protective. But fun as well. I always loved the Australian accent as well, which is why Jake is Australian.
      I'm glad you're liking the clips so far!

  3. What would I do??? I'd get all the bad characters back in the books. . .but on second thought, it might be fun to keep a couple of the out :D
    My favorites are you(since you're in the book), Jake, and Nicolai Dobzhansky!

    1. Yeah, that's probably a good idea to put the bad guys where they belong. Except Nicolai Dobzhansky isn't that bad to have around. ;)
      I see Jake has hit the most popular character. I can see why, he's always been one of the best. :) Did you like the "Carpathia" reference in there? I thought of you when I reread that. I thought, "Oh, Jesseca is going to love that reference!" :D I laughed hard at that part. :)

    2. Yes! I saw the last name Carpathia, when I got the email update. I had been planing to read it later, but when I saw that I was like Oh, I have to read it NOW! It was great. . .and also funny how none of your characters recognized him :D

    3. Well of course they didn't recognize him, he isn't one of my characters. ;) A very good thing too, considering that I'd wished all my characters to life. That would have been really bad... :D

    4. Yes, If he had been your character, you would of changed the course of history by making him come to life...and it wouldn't of had the greatest outcome :)

    5. Uhm, no... we all would have died if he had been one of my characters. Let's be glad Mr. Jerry B. Jenkins never got a magic penny... ;) :D :D :D

  4. I like Monty and Rene/Emily

    1. Another Monty fan. :) I should post some of my sister's scenes with Monty. She put him in one of her stories, and he was so hilarious! I loved it. She writes him better than I do.


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