Ice Breaker

I woke up this morning, checked the thermometer- and discovered it was five degrees outside.

Thus has been our life for the last week. The mornings have been in the single digits, the afternoons in the twenties. I think yesterday was the first time in a week that we hit almost freezing point, (thirty-two degrees) but not quite. I think we were thirty yesterday.

This of course leads to some very interesting chore times- particularly involving the horse's water trough. We have two water troughs, one with a heater and one without. We can't plug in two heaters or we'll blow the fuse out and break the outlet. So one trough has to go without a heater.

I volunteered mine as the heaterless trough, as it's smaller than the other one. So as of late, this has been my morning chore for the last week.

Hope you enjoy. :)


  1. Wow! We're having upper twenty's over in Western Washington, and I thought that was cold! That job looks pretty miserable, but I'm sure your horses love you for it. :)

    1. They're always happy when I come out there and do that, yes. :)

  2. Anonymous11/15/2014

    We have snow where I live! So pretty!
    Hey, I did get my website/blog up- I hope to see you over there!!
    Ira-Grace as Always
    John 3:16

    1. I will check it out and follow you! Thanks for sending, Ira-Grace!

  3. Wow that looks like a job :) We just got back from a three day backpacking trip in the smoky mountains. It was pretty chilly but not quite that cold, maybe in the high teens, lower twenties.

  4. Wow!!! Hey I have a random question.... How do u all come up with titles for your storys??? For me its the hardest part... Is it hard for any of u or is it easy as pie???

    1. Anonymous11/17/2014

      Depends for me!
      Sometimes I need to just write down any possible idea and work from my list. Other times I just look at my piles of notes on ideas that I haven't used yet (write down your ideas and inspiration). Usually, though, once I get an idea, I find it really easy to come up with the rest.
      I just wrote a story about the Second Crusade and the damage it probably did to the inhabitants of Jerusalem that did survive. I just wrote it about ten minutes ago! (It is a short short story!)
      God bless!
      Ira-Grace (Indi Raine)

    2. Well, let me explain what usually happens when I start writing a story: As an example, the book I just self-published, "The Silver Flower", was a title I thought of after had figured out the basic plot line. I knew I wanted to write a fantasy story with elves and magic, and the setting was in Scotland. In the first chapter, the main characters, three Scottish siblings, are given a magical silver pendant in the shape of a flower to protect them against those who wish to do them harm. By then I knew I wanted the title to be "The Silver Flower". Sorry, that's kind of a long example. :)
      I've found that it helps to pick up a book off a shelf, glance at its title, and try to guess what its about. Sometimes its a name, like "Ken" by Rudyard Kipling, or a more detailed title like "Treasure Island" by Robert Lois Stevenson. This helps you think of what your book is about, either a character's name, or an important object (Like in my book's case), or even just where it takes place. I could have called my story, "In an Elfish Kingdom", but I thought "The Silver Flower" was better, so I stuck with that.
      To give you some ideas, here's a few of my title's:
      The Magic Saber
      The Silver Flower
      Cowgirl Cassie
      The Princess & I
      Alice & Alyssa
      Thistle the Dragon
      To Live is Christ
      The Space Traveler
      Christmas Surprises

      Hope that helps! :)

    3. Well Janelle, I always have been rather gifted in creating titles, as was my oldest sister. We joked about doing a book called "Book of Titles" which will be filled with titles for people's books. :)
      But what I suggest as far as titles... is to know what the main "theme" of your story is, like Rebekah Eddy suggested. For example, my book called "Free." In one word, that describes the entire book: a girl who is looking for and searching for freedom. She wants to be 'Free'. That's what I went with the title.
      Another one was "Waiting for Ethan." It's about a girl who plays in the forest and made friends with the bears, tigers, moose, elk and all these other animals, but avoids the "Wild ones" who try and hurt her. They're the mean animals. But the theme of the book is that the little girl is waiting for her brother to return from the Vietnam war. So she's "Waiting for Ethan." Often times titles that describe what your book are about is the best way to go.
      Hope that helps!

  5. Yikes! looks like fun I must admit. How thick is the ice on average?

    1. It IS fun. I love doing that job. ;) The ice is usually around half to over an inch thick, depending on the temperature. :)


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