Working the Cider Press

Last week I got my first job! *Does a happy dance* It's a seasonal job, but one I'm really enjoying. I got home this evening quite tuckered out after peeling twenty gallons of apples for applesauce, but it's nice to work at a place I enjoy being at.
What kind of job did I get? Well, let's put it this way: it involves a lot of work, concentration, and heated juice.
In short, I'm working at a cider press. :)
I found these photos off the company's Facebook. Do to the fact I don't like to bring attention to where I live (you know the bad guys would love to find me), I'm leaving out the name of the place. It's the best, though. And I love working with my coworkers. I come in on Thursdays to do cider with the crew, and afterwards we have a big lunch inside the house. It's a fun group to be around. Today I got called in to work on some apples for applesauce, which is nice because I can use the extra work.

Here's some pictures I found online of the place I work.

Apples in the orchard! At my new job they grow all their own apples for the cider.

So pretty in the rain.

Ready to be pressed!

There's the cider press! The round barrel thingy is filled with apples, then the machine pushes down on it to get the juice. You can see it flowing out.

Here's the tank where the cider is held. I help label the bottles, run the pasteurizer and cap the bottles. 

The finished product! We make 100% apple cider, NOTHING ELSE ADDED! And I'm a witness to this, all we use are apples. :)

Oh, here are two dogs that are at my work. They're so cute. Their names are Ginger (on the right) and Yogi (left).

I feel so blessed to have this job, especially after a lot of searching and praying for work. I love my employers and I really enjoy my coworkers. It's been both fun and educational. I may get hired on for Christmas tree season. Pray that I will! :)


  1. Wow! Again, congratulations!
    It sure seems like this would be a HUGE blessing! I will pray too that you get hired for the Christmas tree season!

    1. Thanks Bethany. I really appreciate your prayers, too. I just love the job I'm doing, and I find my coworkers so much fun to be with. :)

  2. Anonymous10/27/2014

    Hah! I'm here (at last!)
    It's me-chatterbox Ira-Grace! :D
    I love the book trailer. But as I'm new here, I have a question-what period is that? Split Germany? World War II?
    Anyway, sounds great! What movie maker program do you use? I'm working on my movie "Peace Like a River" (PLAR for short, in my life of initials!), so I can use other ideas.
    Congratulations on your job! Sounds neat. I work as a piano teacher (new at it). I love my job, and am working to make it a qualified job I will do all my life. I've been blessed with a Proverbs 31 Christian piano teacher who is a friend. Amazing blessing to my life!
    When I get my blog/website running (goal is for first blog post to be around Nov. 15th, I think, in my "Boss Notebook"), would you like to know? I'd love to have you come over! I'm going to be doing a course on writing drama in 2015, from January to March.

    1. Hi Ira-Grace, glad you made it!

      The book is actually Modern Fiction/Young Adult- though I created most of it using old historical events from the 1900s, I did in fact place those events in 2006-2014. I can't give the details, but if you watch the video closely you may find you can figure out who the enemy is. Let's say this: there's three of them. ;) It's all in the video, believe it or not. I give away some huge clues as to how the story is going to go.

      I LOVE Windows Movie Maker for my video projects. I've used Windows Movie Maker XP, Windows Movie Maker 2003 and Windows Movie Maker '07. '07 has the best selection of special effects- that's what I made Susan Marlow's video with. But XP had such simplistic taste that really works good for some of my styles. I guess it depends on my mood what I use. :) I also like Stupeflex pretty well- but sometimes it makes the special affects kinda come out weird. It's okay, but sometimes annoying. If you use it you'll find out what I mean. Stupeflex is free online- here's a link to one Stupeflix video I made:

      That's so neat you're teaching piano! I am not musically talented... at all. Love music, but not very good at it. I'm teaching English to foreigners on Wednesday, and my current student is a Chinese gal. She's been playing for twenty-five years! It's really cool. :)

      I would LOVE to read your blog, so yes, let me know when you have it up! I'm so glad you've come over to read my stuff- I read all the comments on the Trevor Trekker blog and I find yours really funny. :) So it will be nice to have you as a reader! I'm a chatterbox myself, coined the title according to my Mom. ;) (Some of my coworkers at work think I'm so nice and polite, they have no idea how hard it is for me to control myself not to talk too much.) ;)

      Writing drama, eh? That will be interesting to hear about. I like to write dramatic scenes... but I think I'm much more good at writing dry, witty humorous things. It's more my style. I think my drama is okay, but not the best. So if you take the course write a blog post about it, so we can learn from you, too!

      Thanks for dropping by, hope to see more comments from you in the future!

      -Calamity Rene

    2. Anonymous11/01/2014

      Yep. I've been peeking in!

  3. Congrats! Have you ever gone to Cover's Apple Ranch? I went there last week, and I'm related to them. My dad is like 3rd cousins to one of the people owning it!

    1. No, I've never been there. I looked it up and it sounds really cool! I think that would be like a thousand mile drive for us to try and go there. ;)


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