Trail ride

About two weeks ago my neighbor called me up and asked if I'd like to go on a trail ride with her.
"Sure, where to?" I'd asked.
Turned out, she wanted to haul the horses to place I'd never been to. In fact I'd only heard about it once or twice, from a friend who lived not too far away.
And Bodie has this thing about leaving his pasture buddy. He gets crazy.
I was nervous. Should I do this? I wondered. I'd always wanted to go on a haul-in trail ride. I've always ridden around home, out in the fields or into the woods. The only other time I'd hauled in for a trail ride was years back on a horse that wasn't mine for a fun ride with a friend. I'd never actually taken Bodie on a haul-in trail ride before. How would he do? Would he be crazy and bad and would he take off with me on the trail? I knew he hated leaving Mia behind, but would he be fine if we went with another horse?
I didn't know. I was a bit afraid, but I said yes, I'd go.
I prayed a lot the night before, hoping Bodie would do well. Come the next morning, I saddled him up, did some riding to make sure he was in a good state of mind, then rode him down to my neighbor's house. He was acting crazy, jumping every which way and being a goofball. This of course did nothing to help my confidence, but it was too late to turn back.
Turns out, he was just so excited to get going he practically leapt into the trailer with Rusty, my neighbor's horse. Okay, that's good, I thought. Let's just hope he's not this excited during the entire ride. That would not be fun. A sixteen point two hand high Quarter Horse acting like an Arabian nutso?
Nah. Not fun.

But when we arrived at the trailhead that led to the peak we were riding up to the top, I discovered this...

On our way to the top! That prairie back there is where we live, somewhere WAYYYYYY far away over there.

At the top, with our mountain in the background.

My friend Linda and her horse Rusty. Thanks Linda for taking Bodie and I!

The world from Rusty's ears.

Bodie was feeling very majestic. He wanted to stand on the edge of the cliff- but I didn't let him, lest he get the urge to jump off. Don't put it past him, he would!

I have a pro trail riding horse on my hands. ^.^


  1. I love your line "That would not be fun. A sixteen point two hand high Quarter Horse acting like an Arabian nutso?" Someday I want to own both an Arabian and a Quarter Horse. Trusting in God is great, but it's good to find the balance between "Oh, God's gonna take care of me even when I purposely jump of a roof." and "Um. No. It's not smart and like putting God to the test." Thanks! I always enjoy reading what you have written!

  2. I love the view!!


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