Caption This!

Okay, here's the next Caption This post, brought back by popular demand. ;) (Okay, perhaps not, but everyone seems to enjoy these.)

What is Emily and Bodie thinking in this photo?


  1. Bodie "What do you think your doing up there?" Rene "This is so much fun!!! if I can just keep my balance" :)

    Great picture! :)

  2. Have you seen the movie "Whitney Brown"? i love that movie!

  3. Rene: Bodie, hold still now. I mean it boy. Please!
    Bodie: Hehe. This will be fun. Now all I have to do is take one step this way...
    Rene: Bodie! I SAID hold still! Now, to try this again. Except this time I'm gonna be a little more cautious.
    Bodie: Oh man. She must be an even better balancer /rider than I thought.

  4. Bodie: What in the world are you doing up there?
    Rene: Ok this is kind of freaky

  5. When will you post the winner????


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