And the Newest Winner Is. . .


Yippee! This is fun! I can FLY!

Here's this week's Caption This! Photo:

What is Emily, her sister S. and her brother N. thinking in this photo? Let me know in the comments below. First place will get their caption posted with this picture next week!


  1. Yay! I won! I will post my answer later, I like some time to think about it. :-D
    Do you mind if I steal your idea of the "caption this" and do it on my blog?

    1. No, that's fine! Go ahead and use it. :)

    2. Can I post multiple answers? Where did you get the fish on the side bar?

      Do you mind just sending me a private email just saying that you posted my comment and replied? Thanks!

  2. Here's my idea about what they're thinking:
    Rene: Quick, POSE!!
    Siblings: What?? Someone's taking a picture? Why didn't they tell us?

  3. Rene, you are in the back left of the photo right?

  4. Ok then...
    Your sister "Top of the mornin' to you all!"

    Another guess "Ya'll are welcome to fry up some grub 'round our fire!"

  5. Hi Rene!
    Here is my mom's caption!
    Sister: "I'm the new boss of this forest now!"
    Brother: "I can't believe she got the job just because I burnt the pancakes!"

  6. S: Howdy do?
    Rene: Unbelievable!
    N: she's weird


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