Riding in the Fields

When I was younger, I used to rename soundtracks from movies to what I thought they should be named. Examples: Desert Chase (from Indiana Jones) I would call the Truck Race. Snow fall (from Bambi) I'd rename the Long Winter.
Over the course of the years I actually forgot some of the real names of the songs. One of them is a song by John Williams, and I have no idea what the real name is anymore. I'd renamed it Riding in the Fields when I was about, oh, eleven or so. And it's still named that to this day.

Yesterday my sister and I went out onto our prairie to do a photo shoot with Bodie. It was fabulous. When I got home and I looked at the pictures, it reminded me of that soundtrack I'd called Riding in the Fields. How blessed I am to have such nice farmers for neighbors who let us ride on their properties to enjoy nature! I feel truly blessed.

So here are some of the pictures from my ride. I hope you enjoy them! I'll be posting the book cover to Free soon, just as soon as I get 'er done! :)

Entering the field

Trotting through the alfalfa... Bodie's thinking it looks good!

...And he snatched some. ;)

Walking through the wheat field.

I had no idea my sister was taking a picture at this point. I was asking her if the quality was good. :)

Cantering through the wheat field!

So cool!

Overlooking the prairie.

Beautiful grass and mountains in the background.

Our beautiful prairie and mountain. I feel so blessed to live in a beautiful area!

Cantering through the hay field.

Good horsie!


Having Bodie calm down a little, he was getting excited.

He's trying to take off again in this photo, he wants to run!


Trotting once more.

Getting him to walk through the field can be a bit of a challenge, he always wants to go fast.

Trying to get him NOT to eat the alfalfa, so we don't get in trouble with the farmers!

Beautiful movement here!


LOVE this position!

So pretty! I'm reining him in here because he's thinking about bucking. :)

He's happy, and I'm trying to keep him from dropping his head and letting out a crow hop. :)


  1. Great pics. You are a great rider! You're area is simply beautiful!!! I am jealous. (Even though I shouldn't be) :-D
    What is your beautiful Bodie's brand?

    1. Thanks Bethany! I'm glad you liked them. :) I love my home a lot. I never want to leave here ever, it's such a beautiful area. When people imagine Washington they always imagine the West Side, which is Seattle area, ocean and lots of trees. But my side of the state is very different, it's dry, mountainous, prairie, palouse and dessert. Very unusual topical features. Breath taking, really. :)

      Bodie's brand is a J H. I say it stands for Just a Horsie, but it really stands for one of Bodie's previous owners, who's name was J.H. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. I've never been to Washington but from your pictures it looks beautiful! I like "Just a Horsie" better. :-D
      I've been enjoying your blog so thanks for posting!

  2. It looks like you were having a great time! Bodie looks pretty excited :-)
    ~ JT


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