Caption This!

Since ya'll liked the last caption this, I've decided to run one every other week.

Rules are the same, just tell me in the comment section what you think the subject(s) are thinking and I'll pick my favorite one. First place will be posted with that picture the following week.

Enjoy and have fun!


What do you think Bodie and Emily are thinking in this photo? 


  1. Rene, i just noticed that in your profile on the right side of the blog you put "and I and I' so you might want to fix that.
    Will post my answer later!
    Thanks for making this a weekly thing!

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I am still trying to figure out what it's about...

  3. Rene: Ye-haw
    Bodie: This is boring

  4. Rene: seriously, do you have to try to buck me off every time I get on your back!!!??! Stop horsing around Bodie!!!!!
    Bodie: Rene needs to get a sense of humor! This is a lot of fun!!!!!!

  5. Yippie! This is fun! I can FLY!


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