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Okay, so yeah... I know, no book cover yet. It's been crazy here. :) Lots of family visits, work, storms, adventures, craziness...did I say that already?
Sometime soon I'll post some cool pictures we got of a fire sunset, a thunderstorm and wild animals. :)
Book cover coming soon!


What do you think Bodie and Emily are thinking in this photo? Put your caption in the comment section below! Best-liked comment will be posted with this picture next week!


  1. Bodie "why is she soo obsessed with that blue ball thing that she's been calling a balloon??? All of her attention should be focused entirely on ME!!!!!! After all, I'm like the best horse (that acts like a variety of other creatures at times) on planet earth!!!!!!

    1. Rene: "ugh, I can't get ANYTHING to cooperate with me around here!!! I can't even get the balloon to hold still!"

  2. You should make this a weekly thing or something!!!

  3. Bodie—"Yes my dear Rene! I will do as you say! Just don't make that BIG blue thing come towards me! Please! I promise to do what you say without a fit ever again!!!"
    Rene—(Thinking) "Wow! I didn't know I could make that hover. And I always thought that "the FORCE" wasn't real!!! Well, if it gets Bodie to obey without a fit... I'll play along!"

  4. Love them both, girls! Those are hysterical! :D

    -Calamity Rene

  5. Looking forward to the verdict!

  6. Rene: "Balloon is at my command! Balloon will now float after being filled with my helium breath!" XD
    Bodie: "Come closer, Shiny-Purple-Floaty-Ball-Thingy. I must taste you!" I don't know if Bodie likes to taste everything or not. XD

    1. Hahahaha, yeah, he does. :) Thanks for commenting Hope!

  7. Rene: Ok? bye-bye balloon
    Bodie: What in the world is she doing??


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