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Well, I really need your help on something. As many of you know, I'm a writer in training and have worked on numerous stories, articles and fanfiction. I've gotten some of my articles published in the newspaper and a couple in horse magazines, and several months ago I won first place in my age category for a writing contest called the Circle C Adventures Story Contest. That was a blast! Currently though, I am working hard on my very first book that I hope to get published. I've written several books over the last couple years, trying to refine my skills and get better, and now I think I'm going to give the publishing world a shot. *Scary music* But if I can't get in with a main stream publisher (I doubt I will, it's so hard these days to find someone who will actually publish your work!) I may end up self publishing.

That's where you come in. Knowing full well I will probably end up self publishing my book, tentatively titled Free, (I'll include a summary and excerpt at the end of this post) I had a very good friend model the main character of my book. And she did such a good job I can't choose which picture to use as the front cover! So I need you, my dear readers, to vote on your favorite picture for the front cover. Once the votes are in, whatever picture receives the most votes I'll make into a book cover and post in a couple of weeks.

I'm hoping that a lot of my blog readers who don't comment often will comment on this post! I need all the help I can get. :) Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for helping me. Special thanks to my dear friend H.M, who modeled as Cynthia Worley for me. You're the best!

Here's the summary and excerpt from my book, Free.


I didn’t know what I had lost until I found it. Freedom.

 Twenty-five word summary: Living under enemy occupation in war torn America, Cynthia Worley is struggling to find understanding with her family as she embraces life as it is.


...With a twinge of guilt I glanced around at my family. Dark, brown-haired Maria exchanged glances with my fair skinned sister, Janette. Nick stared at me while Dad and Mom looked down at their clean plates. I’d brought up the one thing we never spoke about. Old America.
            “Cynthia,” I turned to face Nick, his normally fiery brown eyes soft. “Do you even remember what we used to live like?”
            Remember? Did I remember? All I could remember was the planes. The planes, the screams and the explosions. I recalled I was in town with Nick and Emmett on that day. Nick had yelled something and Emmett had shoved me behind a trash bin, then someone grabbed my arm. I think it was a soldier, but I wasn’t sure. The next image that stuck in my mind was standing in a building with at least a hundred kids. Most of them were crying, but I wasn’t. I stared at the soldier in front of us as he barked one order or another in a different language. I couldn't figure out who he was or why he didn't speak English. Then Nick came and took me home. That was as far back as I could remember of the Old America. I didn't remember anything before it happened. I could only remember the invasion.

Okay, here are the pictures we took for the cover.







  1. Oooo. :D - Ok, here is my rating in the order I like them best. 1- 2 - 7 - 6 :)

  2. Anonymous6/23/2014

    Let us know when your book is out! Out of all of them I'd say number 1. Abby alt

  3. Anonymous6/23/2014

    I like 1 and 2, but I think 2 captures the title better.
    ~ JT

  4. Sweet!!!! I like 1 and 2 the best. Awesome excerpt and summery.:::::::)

  5. Anonymous6/24/2014

    First is #1, second is #7.
    This is fun! It sounds like an awesome book and I can't wait to read it!!!
    ~Leah =D

  6. Here the order from most favorite to least favorite: 1,2,3,7,6,5,4.
    Good Luck!!!

  7. Anonymous6/24/2014

    #2, then #1

  8. Thanks everyone, I'll get back to you soon with the cover!

    -Calamity Rene


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