I think I mentioned before that one of my favorite childhood toys are Legos. (I can say 'childhood' now because I am a legal adult as of January, hence I am no longer a kid. Though I don't think the maturity has set in all the way... ;D) My little sister, younger brother and all of my older siblings have played with Legos at one time or another. In fact we used to create some of the coolest creations, one time we pooled all our Legos together to create an FBI office with lots of agents and bad guys. It was fun!

With the new release of the Lego Movie, which I highly recommend to anyone who has not seen it, (very clean, very funny and some really good lessons! Best kids movie I've seen ever!) we have been building new creations like crazy and adding characters from the Lego Movie to join our collection of Minifigures.

Here is a couple of pictures of the 'townspeople' scene we created this past week.

Just a normal day with Legos...except I think someone is getting executed in the background. Not my fault, that would be the younger sibling's fault. ;)

Legos, Legos everywhere!

See the policeman? Well, he's my favorite character. :D And the Construction worker next to him is also my favorite character, because they're both amazing. ;)

More Legos!

I still don't know why the parrot is standing on that guy's head.
Watch out Emmet! Bad Cop isn't happy with you!

Eventually I hope to start posting a story about Emmet and Bad Cop/Good Cop here on the blog, (They're from the Lego movie, and as I said they're my favorite characters so I write stories about them.) but if you're interested in reading it ahead of time or would like to read some of my other works of fiction, you can read them on my account:

Have a good weekend and may the Lord bless all the work of your hands! (Including Lego creations!) :D



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