Pasture Run!

Today my sister and I took Bodie and Rylee to the pasture to run and graze a bit. One of my neighbors graciously donated his pasture for the use of the horses from the barn I volunteer at, the I Can! Horse Co-op. Seeing how we've had a couple of thunderstorms these last few nights (post to follow sometime this week with pictures from the storms.) we knew the grass would be green and a couple inches higher today. So after church and canning some raspberry and blackberry syrup, we headed down to Bodie's barn, threw on the halters and rode off bareback down to the pasture.
Upon arrival my sister promptly galloped Bodie up the hill, and much to my chagrin he tried to buck her off. He wasn't really being naughty, he was just so excited he wanted to buck. Luckily my sister is a very experienced rider and had no trouble staying on him bareback. She calmly turned him in some circles, cantered him up and down the hill until he calmed down and cantered nicely. I, on the other hand, had Rylee stand on the top of the pasture hill and watched instead. I decided that instead of testing to see if Rylee would buck too if I galloped him up the hill I would make it look like he was super awesome and I was in control. Yeah, I'm not that adventurous. I like to stay safe. :) Now if I had my saddle on it would be a different story...

Anyways after my sister finished working Bodie she got off to let him graze. That's when I acted. I took off with Rylee and Bodie came charging after us, bucking and jumping and throwing himself every which way and determined not to get left behind. It was really quite silly and I was laughing, while Rylee continued to trot slowly and ignore Bodie's antics. After a little bit of this I got off and let Rylee run with Bodie. It was really fun to watch them race each other, and we got pictures!
Overall it was a real nice relaxing ride this afternoon, and I enjoyed the time spent with my sister. :)
Here are the pictures from today...
Bodie is galloping after Rylee and I when he realized we left him behind.

"Wait Rylee! I'm coming tooooooo!"

Bodie galloping circles around us.

"Hey Rylee! I told you to wait!" Note that all of Bodie's feet are off the ground right now. :) As usual, Rylee could have cared less.

Getting off of Rylee to let him run too.

Let the fun begin!

From left to right: Bodie and Rylee.


Bodie had just jumped in the air for this picture and was landing.

Thoroughbred beats Quarter Horse hands down. :) Sorry Bodie, Rylee may be skinnier but he's way faster than you.

Leading the charge up the hill.

"Hey Bodie, look! There's Rusty!"

Running around the corner of the barn.

Here they come!

"Ooo, is that my fly mask??? It IS my fly mask! Yay!" To this day Rylee is the only horse I know who gets excited when I bring his fly mask over. He loves it. :D

Putting the fly mask on Rylee. Bodie's watching me carefully, wondering if I'm going to put his fly mask on or not.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I know I promised a story about Nicolai Dobzhansky the Rooster this week, but I decided to post this one instead. The next post will either be about Peaches or Thunderstorms. Then we'll probably do a Rooster post. :D
Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks like fun! I know what rain can do to grass. :) It rained every morning for 7 days here and every yard was in desperate need of mowing!


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